Kitchen Remodeling

No remodeling job in your house pays as well as a kitchen remodel when it comes time to sell your home. In some cases, you can recover more than it cost of the entire remodel job at sale time. While some people remodel their kitchen right before they sell, clearly the best way to proceed is to enjoy your new kitchen for years before you sell. This way, your payback is two fold. We are happy to help you with minor improvements to your kitchen such as lighting, sinks, faucets or counter tops. We can also help you with top to bottom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes, a new vanity, sinktop, and faucet may be all that you need to give your bathroom a new look. Perhaps a mirror, medicine cabinet, light fixture, or any other accessory. We are happy to help you with the removal and installation of any of these items. However, if you feel your bathroom is beyond saving, we can also help you with a complete remodel. We will gut the entire bathroom, and rebuild it from the floor up, and We’ll do it your way. We are always happy to help you make selections, but we never forget it is your bathroom. When the job is finished, you’ll say “This is exactly what I wanted”.

Drywall, Sheetrock or Wallboard

JK Remodelling LLC can handle all types of drywall repairs and we can even help you hang new drywall as long as it is not too many sheets. We will do the initial repair and you can finish it yourself, or we are happy to finish it so it is ready to paint. The choice is yours. We should also mention whenever we can do a job that involves cutting drywall, such as electric work or a pipe repair, the drywall repair is always included. This saves you from having to split the job among several repairmen. Some plumbers and electricians will help you with the repair and then tell you that they don’t repair the drywall.